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Right when I think I’ve got her down to a science, my toddler becomes a stranger with whom conversation and negotiation become impossible. I thought I knew her favorite foods. And out fits. I thought I knew the best distractions and attention grabbers. But suddenly I know nothing all over again. 

It’s pretty incredible to watch her grow in such leaps and bounds. As adults, changes like that are devastating to our routines. And we become locked into “normal” and thrive in it. But not kids. Nope! Every single day they discover a new affliction and a new dislike. Their routines change constantly while we as their parents run around playing catch up. 

What brilliant little creatures! Zoey is so full of wonder and curiosity and awe. The little things we take for granted are her shining moments on any given day. Wether it’s coloring, or tracing her own foot, or watching me clumsily trace mine, or seeing a herd of cows out in a field, or admiring the Christmas lights on the drive home. She screeches with glee and genuinely enjoys these moments. And finds new ones to appreciate all the time. 

Being a mom has taught me to take a few minutes to reflect on the things I’ve given up on as an adult. And had given me reason to partake in things again such as watching cartoons, stacking different shapes blocks as high as I can without them tumbling, making dolls dance to nursery rhymes, and yes… Coloring. 

I guess as often as o throw my hands up in defeat with the thought of “who IS this kid?!” I also learn that I don’t have an understanding that great of myself either. There is some definite calming effects to allowing yourself to be in the moment. Whatever that moment may be. 

Thanks, kid! You’re teaching me torelearn  the beauty of the world around me, even though you’re still figuring out who you are too.