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There was once a time I took a generous amount of pride in my appearance every day: showering in the mornings, makeup, coordinating clothing etc. now I’m lucky if I get out of the house with matching socks, and maybe even brush my hair and style it in a cute little do. 

As a mom, “you ok? You look tired!” Is a common thing to hear from peers who have known you forever. On the other hand, people you’ve only known since post child bearing just assume you have always been deficient in some important vitamin or mineral and never ask. Meanwhile, you just forgot! You forgot that your makeup is going on 24 hours of wear and forgot that you may have actually worn those jeans two days ago… Shut up- don’t act like you haven’t done it. 

Being a mom is such a selfless job, that is, if you’re doing it right. Of course we need to take time to “doll up” once in awhile but ultimately it’s no longer about us! It’s about the “please put shoes on!” battle and the “why don’t you want to brush your teeth?” war. 

The mini vacation from the rear drivers side of the car to the drivers seat is golden. That moment you close the back door of the car and walk to the drivers seat is the deepest breath you get in the morning. But then you hop into the drivers seat and glance in your rearview mirror (which no longer faces the traffic behind you but instead is a direct view to the car seat) and see that smiling little face and you think “who cares about my reflection?! The most beautiful part of me is right there, right behind me!”

Ok maybe it’s not that obviously stated or cheesy! But in a roundabout way that’s what happens.