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Standing up for yourself (if you’re anything like me) has always been difficult. But suddenly, you have a child, and then your brain kicks in and yells “don’t just sit there- stand up for your kid!”

Mama bear instincts flood through your veins at the very moment anyone questions your motherhood decisions. You realize you have decisions to make. And while many of them (let’s face it- most of them) will be shunned upon by the hippie mom or the soccer mom or the PTA mom or the “insert label here” mom, it’s doing the best for who you love the most. SO QUITE FRANKLY- fuck ’em!  

Yes I am that mom. The one with tattoos and a foul mouth. But don’t let that lead you to believe that I don’t censor myself to an extent around my kid. Don’t think for one minute I don’t have brains enough to teach them age appropriateness and manners. 

When I hear someone giving me grief about choices I’ve made for my daughter my first thought is to cry, but I’ve learned very quickly to stand up and say “my kid- my choice, my rules, my way!”

She is happy, healthy, smart as hell, cute as a button, sarcastic at two, humorous, and loving with the biggest heart you’ll ever see. 

Just because we don’t have money don’t think for one minute she’s not richer than most adults. She has grace, and cute little curls, and a family that loves her to the moon and back. 

I wish mommy shaming would end. Let’s all do things our own way, after all that’s what creates this great world we live in is variety. 

When was the last time you met a happy healthy 20 year old that didn’t learn to potty train ever? You haven’t. So stop. She will learn the way she learns and she will be just fine. 

So to all the mommies who feel the pressure from anyone else to change their parenting style- I say- if your kid is loved, healthy and happy, then keep up the good work. Stand up to those who mommy shame and give them a seat next to all the people who won’t matter in ten years.