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After having just turned the big 3, my little Zoey began sounding like a recording mashup of myself. 

I will tell her “pick your toys up!”

And she will respond “where’s your manners, mom?!” Which makes me immediately lower my voice and say “please”, and “thank you”.

When I kick my shoes off in any room other than the kitchen she sweetly reminds me “that’s not where shoes go” and she is right, they go by the door. 

When I stub my toe or spill my coffee and involuntarily  and loudly whisper “shit!” Or “god dammit”, she pipes up with “please don’t say that!”

She’s like a 3 foot tall, 30 pound adult… she’s well spoken, well read, and well versed in etiquette for the most part. (She thinks farts are hilarious and releases them without shame).

Isn’t it funny that we all say “when I’m a parent I will (insert laws laid down here)” and then we are parents who teach rules and regulations to little fragile minds only to have them remind you of your hypocrisy? 

I’m very glad she is retaining the things I’ve tried to teach her as a mother to a daughter… but sometimes I have to sit back and admit that she catches me breaking those exact laws I laid down for her. 

The real question becomes this:

Do we say to ourselves and them “we are the grown ups, so we get to do those things!”

Or do we try to follow suit with what we’ve taught them? 

I mean obviously they can’t drive, only grown ups can, they can’t have booze, we claim that! 

But toddlers are more socially polite than most adults! We should all live more like our toddlers… minus the public farting!