I’ve always worked hard. And then I had my daughter. I was a single mom before she was even born. Which threw my ambition into overdrive. I was determined to work and make the best and do the best and provide the best. 

Now my daughter is so close to entering kindergarten and I feel like someone else raised my daughter so far. Day cares, babysitters. I feel like I wanna quit all my jobs and sit home all day every day with her. I see moms on social media talk about their successful ventures with at home business and how it’s allowed them to be home and I see other moms who have never had to leave the comfort of their own home to work at all. (Lucky!). 

And I know other moms who do work but are still with their child’s father. So weekends are fun time!! Not me. She goes to her dads on weekends. So I work all week and say goodbye to her on weekends. 

I feel like a drill Sargent all week. Get up. Get dressed. Eat. We gotta go. Then I pick her up and head home and it’s relax. Eat dinner. Bath. Bed. No real adventure. 

I just wanna let mommas like me know that it’s ok to feel forgotten. It’s ok to feel like second fiddle. And it’s ok to be sad.  But it’s not ok to stop trying. It’s not ok to give up. It’s not ok to blame. But it’s ok to be frustrated. I feel like sometimes the instagram and Pinterest topics don’t fit “us” in anywhere. How the fuck am I supposed to google “kid doesn’t know her last name but thinks she is old enough to drive and refuses to acknowledge she isn’t a cat but scored really high in tests art project”???

I learned yesterday that my kid scored as high as possible on her state testing for her age, except… she doesn’t know her last name!!! 

How did that get forgotten. How did I forget to do that? I taught her how to fold wash cloths. I taught her how to feed the dogs. But the kid doesn’t know her last name! And she is three but if you ask her she is 6 and a half!!! 

Keep going moms! No matter the situation. Remember to take what little time we may have and utilize it the best way possible. 

Cheers momma!